Re: Hack it (Score: 3, Funny)

by in FSF suggests getting rid of Intel Management Engine to improve security and privacy on 2016-08-30 20:36 (#1S51R)

You forgot the latest twist: Short the stock

Re: XP (Score: 2, Funny)

by in Ransomware is targeting the enterprise at an increasing pace on 2016-08-04 16:53 (#1PG8K)

Your PCs are probably too old to run the ransomware :)

Re: Great but (Score: 3, Informative)

by in More efficient new LEDs now available, over 200lm/W on 2016-04-25 14:27 (#1BQ8Z)

If you still have power flowing after turning off the light switch you need to call an electrician. It's not a function of the bulb, you have either faulty wiring or a faulty switch.

"Discovered" ? (Score: 1)

by in Hand dryers worse than paper towels for spreading germs on 2015-10-04 21:06 (#PES2)

This has been know about for decades. Hell when I was in college in the early 90's one of my intro microbiology labs involved taking samples from the bathrooms, including sampling the air from the hand dryers. It's the reason I skip hand dryers to this day.

PDFs? From BlackHat? (Score: 1)

by in Some PDFs from Blackhat 2015 on 2015-08-12 22:04 (#H7CB)

Um, and I the only one who doesn't want to open any of these?

Yes (Score: 2, Informative)

by in LGBT in sports; will Michael Sam be drafted to the NFL? on 2014-05-11 20:57 (#1GY)

He was drafted by the Rams. Yesterday.